Angel Fund


Many women who have attended SisterSpirit know the value of this life changing experience. They return home wanting more of life, being more of who they are and loving themselves more.  Not surprisingly, these women want to share this experience with their mom, their sister, their daughter-in-law or their best friend.  Often they bring their relative or friend with them the next year, which we absolutely love!

We would like to challenge you to become part of a special group of women who care so much about someone they DON’T know that they are willing to donate funds to assist other women with temporary financial challenges to attend SisterSpirit. We invite you to join our group of special angels who contribute to the SisterSpirit Scholarship Angel Fund. Donations are appreciated at all levels, from $10 to $500 and more!  Thank you!

The Angel Scholarship Fund provides funds to pay for those women who apply for work exchange scholarships to attend SisterSpirit. We ask each woman requesting financial assistance to complete a scholarship application and to be in service at the retreat in areas where help is needed.   Typically there are 3 or 4 women at each SisterSpirit who have received partial scholarships.  Because of the generosity of women like you, we have been able to award scholarships to up to 13 women at a single retreat!  What a blessing! Thank you!

To be a SisterSpirit Angel, we invite you to contribute to the Angel Fund and support the continuation of this service.  To donate to the Angel Scholarship Fund:

  • Click the “Donate Here” at the upper right corner of this page to donate any amount via MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover Card, or PayPal
  • Complete your online registration form for SisterSpirit and check the box, “$25 Donation to Scholarship Fund”
  • Send your check in any amount payable to Center for Spiritual Living, Peninsula, with “Angel Fund” in the memo line. Mail your donation to:  Angel Fund. Center for Spiritual Living, Peninsula, 611 Veterans Blvd, Suite 106, Redwood City, CA 94063
  • Click the “Donate” button below

If you cannot assist the Angel Scholarship Fund at this time, please know that we are so grateful that we have friends like you that support us through your love, light, gifts and prayers.  Thank you!