About our Featured Musicians

Image of Faith RiveraIf Tony Robbins were a girl, could sing like Mariah, groove like Madonna & inspire like Oprah, you’d get Faith Rivera – Emmy award-winning singer & songwriter!  Stars are meant to shine and Faith believes everyone has that sparkle factor. Whether she’s performing, speaking, or teaching, she brings this sunny message with her around the globe.  Her empowering songs have been used for tv shows like Hawaii 5-0 & ER to supporting best-selling authors to heart-centered entrepreneurs and progressive organizations like the Association for Global New Thought and Unity Worldwide.

With 15 years of making music and touching lives, Faith brings world-class talent, contagious pop songs, and a nurturing spirit that will make your heart smile.  No matter if you’ve seen her at the Hollywood Bowl, with the Honolulu Symphony or in a virtual livestreaming concert, fans say her energy & music are infectious and leave you feeling inspired, high on life and more in touch with your own inner brilliance.  Faith dares the world to be the “Everyday SuperStars” we are born to be!  

This first-generation Filipina lives in Long Beach, California with her high school sweetheart and adorable son. As a family, they most enjoy visiting her hometown of Hawaii and traveling the world bringing sparkly aloha wherever they go.  For Faith, love is the answer and music – her powerful weapon of choice to spread that love one song at a time, one heart at a time.

“Singular” is the word that best describes Amy Steinberg.

Uplifting, enlightening and hilarious with a voice that can burn the house down, Amy Steinberg is singer, songwriter and storyteller like none other. The main thrust of her work comes from marrying the sacred and profane, fusing the dreamlike nature of Spirit with the rooted realness of sexuality and humor.

She plays the piano and guitar with her own swingy rhythmic bounce, injecting shades of jazz, rock, hip hop, and poetry, all with a theatrical flair. Deeply soulful, she sings of self-love, open-mindedness, and the holiness of everything.

Amy has been Music Director at the Boca Center for Spiritual Living, the Spiritual Living Center of Charlotte, and is currently the Featured Musician at the Spiritual Light Center of Charlotte. Recently, her original musical, Breaking the Moon, was featured at the New York Musical Festival.

Deeply involved with the New Thought and Positive Music world, she plays at conferences, churches, venues and festivals all over the country. Amy’s song “Burning into the High” won the Personal Transformation category of the 2016 Posi Awards. Her song, “One with Everything,” has been nominated this year!

Currently, she tours the country in support of her 10th independent release, “Broken Open” which is receiving rave reviews.